Thursday, September 16, 2010

Puppy Dog Picnic

Tripp's birthday party was a lot of fun to plan! He has always loved dogs of all kinds and so Jessica knew she wanted to have a Puppy dog party for him. As she was planning it, she decided to use the various quilts that we all have and create a picnic theme. So the party became a "puppy dog picnic". 

invitation by Peepeye Designs

We made different types of dog ears from felt and attached them to headbands and party hats for the guests to wear.
Applique dog shirt by pat-tee-cake shirts

The food was all various types of picnic food (sandwiches, chips and dips, ants on a log, watermelon, etc.) And of course all of Tripp's dogs were used as part of the decorations as well!

And Jessica made some precious sweets. The cake was the highlight of the party, along with the meringue bones and bone cookies. 

The kids loved eating the cake out of dog bowls!!

Happy 2nd birthday Tripp!

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  1. What a great party! I'm planning my daughter's 2 year old birthday and Puppies is the theme. Do you mind sharing where you got the dog bowls?
    Thank you