Thursday, September 16, 2010

Puppy Dog Picnic

Tripp's birthday party was a lot of fun to plan! He has always loved dogs of all kinds and so Jessica knew she wanted to have a Puppy dog party for him. As she was planning it, she decided to use the various quilts that we all have and create a picnic theme. So the party became a "puppy dog picnic". 

invitation by Peepeye Designs

We made different types of dog ears from felt and attached them to headbands and party hats for the guests to wear.
Applique dog shirt by pat-tee-cake shirts

The food was all various types of picnic food (sandwiches, chips and dips, ants on a log, watermelon, etc.) And of course all of Tripp's dogs were used as part of the decorations as well!

And Jessica made some precious sweets. The cake was the highlight of the party, along with the meringue bones and bone cookies. 

The kids loved eating the cake out of dog bowls!!

Happy 2nd birthday Tripp!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luke's pirate party

Luke really wanted a pirate party, and as a mama who doesn't really like the skull and cross bones symbol, I took on the challenge of creating a pirate birthday party without using a single skull and cross bone image! It was a challenge to say the least, but a fun one and Luke was SO excited about his party! The kids loved the treasure hunt (I made little cards and let them hunt at their own leisure, because I thought they were a bit young to go on a traditional treasure hunt), they had fun walking the "plank" and playing in the water, and I think the telescope craft table was a big hit. We just covered paper towel rolls with construction paper and let the kids use stickers and markers to decorate. Huge thanks to my mom and sister who helped me with a lot of things getting ready for the party!! Most of all my sister made the cake and cupcakes and my mom made the polka dot bandannas for the kids and the plank!!

Lots of pictures of the fun birthday party!

invitation by Peepeye Designs

of course I used lots of Polka dots!!
you can see the "treasure map" in the bottom right corner

hunting for treasure, walking the plank and playing in the water

putting on bandannas and eye patches and making telescopes

precious pirate cookies by "just-iced"
cake and cupcakes by j dot sweets
cupcake toppers by peepeye designs

i know i am partial, but these are two of the cutest pirates ever!!

Ava Grace's birthday party

invitations by peepeye designs

Cake and cupcakes by J dot sweets
cupcake toppers by Peepeye Designs
photo banner and cupcake banner by peepeye designs

Will's birthday

invitation by Peepeye Designs, photography by Ragan Oswalt Photographer

snack signs and drink labels by Peepeye Designs

Cake by Jessica Wood at J dot sweets
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Charlie's first Birthday party

for Charlie's first birthday, we decided to do a traditional first birthday party with the theme leaning towards cupcakes and polka dots. I used a bright color palette to create the invitations and then we built on the theme from there. Invitations from Peepeye Designs  

Smash cake photos in the invitation were taken by Ragan Oswalt. She also took photos at the birthday party. Contact Ragan Oswalt at 

Photo banner and other custom banners are available from Peepeye Designs

We carried out the bright colors, polka dots and cupcakes through the fun scrapbook paper that we used to make pinwheels, the banner, party hats and the sipper cups. 

Party hats and polka dots were also used in creating Charlie's outfit. I had his pants made and my sister and I made his shirt and party hat to match. Visit our blog to see more shirts and gifts: pat-TEE-cake shirts

Party hats, pinwheels and other accessories were used in creating the wreath for the front door

Polka dot balloons and polka dot buckets for favors, silverware and other accessories added to the polka dot theme. Balloons available at polka dot market, loved all the colors! 

I got the idea to make my own cupcake stand from Polka Dot Birthday Blog. Cake, cupcakes, smash cake and cupcake pops created by Jessica Wood at jdotsweets

photography by Ragan Oswalt (
cake, cupcakes and cake pops by J dot sweets (
shirt and party hats by pat-TEE-cake (
invitations by Peepeye designs (